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Kinflare series pultrusion grating used the "I" word profile as a bearer, a special bar as connecting rod to wear, made by a certain assembly process. The products include standard grating and custom grating, the custom grating can be produced according to customer requirements or customer specific conditions by changing shape, size or space of the bearing bars, the surface can be covered with lozenge panel, grit panel, or added the anti-slippery sand directly.

• Corrosion Resistant: Superior to Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Galvanized Gratings
• Superior Strength: 50% higher tensile strength than hot rolled steel and better impact resistance
• Electrical Insulator: The fiberglass composite is both non-magnetic and electronically non-conductive
• Low Thermal Conductivity: Reduces the need for insulation and prevents the formation of condensation
• Lightweight: Lighter and less dense than aluminum, fiberglass is easy to handle and economical to ship
• Dimensional Stability: Expansion and contraction is 24% and 50% less than aluminum and steel, respectively.
• Fabrication: Cutting and machining can be done with diamond tipped router, easily joined mechanically.
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